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Name:The Xavier Institute
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:X-men discussion and fanworks
  • Don't be an asshole. The golden rule from which all other rules flow, because by itself it's a little vague.
  • Swear all you like, but sexist/racist/ablist/transphobic/homophobic language gets deleted. English has a lot of very interesting words in it, get creative.
  • Don't bash other fans. Hate a character all you want - they can't feel your scorn. But other fans can, so keep it civil.
  • Don't harsh the squee. Sometimes people want to debate a point or an ideal. Sometimes they just want to rant or rave. If it's the latter, please make a note of it in your post, and commenters? Respect that.
  • This is an X-Men/mutant-centric community - while they certainly don't exist in a vacuum, and mutants have been part of lots of other superteams, please keep content focussed on the mutants in the picture, even if other characters show up.
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